Kino Complete

Kino – Postphysical

The ‘Kino’ space is now complete and just requires blueprints to make it functional.


Atrium Lighting


Atrium – Postphysical

My atrium PostPhysical space is now complete and I am ready to finesse its lighting and post processing. I have also checked and optimised its lightmaps for efficiency and visual appeal.

New Architecture Set

Simple Factory Wall Texture Demo

I am trying to add a variety of architecture to my project to make it more visually interesting and to have spaces which could be suited to different kinds of work.

This set will be used to create something based on an industrial prefab concrete building which will link to my first space. I was originally planning to have my spaces connected by lift, having several floors which could be different levels. But I now feel that it could function more successfully as a one level sandbox.